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Aug 2 · 2 min read

Skip Genie is a popular real estate skip tracing company, but like you already know being popular does not equate being relevant or effective. Sometimes, the popularity is being maintained because people have less options.

We are going to give you some highlights as to how much effort we put into our service to ensure we are the best in the industry and how we continue to satisfy our clients.

Services Offered By Skip Genie

The company primarily offer real estate skip tracing services. Altogether, they offer three services; 1) The Tracer (2) Bulk Searcher and Coaching.

To use the Tracer service, you will need to register as a paid member and search your lists your self. The service costs $47 per month and you will be able to make 10 searches. This means each search costs $4.7. In principle you pay more than that since you spend your time as well.

For every additional search, you will pay $1.50. How will you rate this form of pricing? Paying as much $47 for 10 searches and you get to do it yourself?

You can hire us to handle your skip tracing projects. Our pricing starts from $0.25 per record. Let our team of qualified REI Skip Tracers get the job done for you while you take care of other areas of your business.

Coaching Service Offered By Skip Genie

If they can charge you $4.7 per search then, you can imagine how much you will be charged for the type of information you can get elsewhere. We have not tested their coaching service and we do not plan to do that.

Bulk Skip Tracing Service By Skip Genie

As advertised by the company, you can hand over all your bulk skip tracing needs to the company and you will be sent a report. The odd thing is that their is no pricing on the service section for this and this means lack of transparency. Before you even place your order with us, you get to know your price and what you are paying for.

Skip Genie Best Alternative

While there are other real estate skip tracing services out there, we are proud to let you know that we a solid team you can work with. Our team of skip tracers have access to the best public records and would go several steps further to ensure all the records and well documented.

Our turn around time is 48 hours which means you can submit your order today and be ready to start calling your potential leads in 48 hours or less.

How To Get Great Skip Tracing Results Without Using Skip Genie

If you want to get great real estate skip tracing results without breaking your bank, all you need to do is upload your file, place your order on our site and seat back while we get the job done for you.

Originally published at on August 2, 2019.

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