10 Most Active Ethereum DApps for entertainment

Finding the best active Ethereum DApps was always a big challenge. Yes, there are lists of dapps available but who guarantees they are up to date ?

That is why we developed DappRadar — an automatically curated Ethereum Dapps list. Each smart contract is automatically updated each 5 minutes. Such a system provides almost real time data for each Dapp out there.

TOP 10 Dapps by activity

Let’s take a loot at the TOP 10 Dapps of 2018 February by their activity (transactions count).

  1. EtherCraft — RPG game with a large variety of items, being run by more than 100 (!!!) contracts is the most active ethereum game with 102,047 transactions per week.
  2. CryptoKitties— we all know this, right ? Ethereum games pioneer just cloud not get forgotten and still takes second place in this race with 37,249 transactions per week.
  3. Etheroll— probably the most popular ethereum dice casino out there. Not only it has an outstanding 7-day transactions volume of 7,898 ETH, but also stands 3rd here with 18,251 transactions per week!
  4. Ether Dungeon — RPG game with unique gameplay and yet undiscovered features 17,686 transactions per week.
  5. Etheremon— enjoying pokemons ? Check out Etheremon! Purchase anime creatures, train them and challenge an enemy in the battle arena. Etheremon was responsible for 9,630 transactions last week.
  6. KryptoWar — own and lead one of 100 countries. Become a landlord! There are many landlords out there and 4,210 transactions last week just states it clearly.
  7. DWorld — own a piece of world map in this cool dapp! Would not really call it a game but it is definitely fun to check out all the stuff users put on their land. DWorld made 2,612 transactions last week.
  8. EtherBots — pretty popular game these days, having high transaction volumes. Purchase a randomly generated bot and prepare for the battles! EtherBots made 2,599 transactions last week.
  9. CryptoCountries — similar to DWorld but sells countries instead of smaller lands. Also, not possible to put image on your country. However it is doing well with 2,499 transactions per week.
  10. CryptoCelebrities — collect real world celebrity cards and trade them! CryptoCelebrities users made 2,273 transactions last week.
10 Most active Ethereum Dapps on DappRadar.com

That is it! Check out these awesome dapps out there. If you need more, make sure to visit DappRadar.com. You run a dapp that is not listed on DappRadar ? Submit the application on DappRadar.com and we will add it in 24 hours!

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