Ethereum Dapps Ecosystem overview

Dapps split by category on

Over 250 dapps in less than 2 months — that many ethereum dapps we are now tracking on Let’s take a look at them!

Quantity belongs to games

TOP 5 ethereum games on DappRadar

Absolute majority (70%) of dapps currently are games. Most of the games are just cheap copies of CryptoKitties or some pyramid/ponzi schemes. But hey, we are living in the early days of dapps and they will evolve soon for sure.

Fair decentralised casinos

My most loved example of a dapp is a casino — no need to trust any centralised casino organisation, simply read a smart contract code!

Casinos have pretty low amount of users but higher transactions volume per user than other dapps. For example Etheroll, the most popular casino on DappRadar, has up to 50 users daily and ±1,000 ETH transactions volume.

If you are into casinos I highly recommend you choose decentralised casinos over the centralised ones. We even have casinos without a house edge like Edgeless.

Token marketplaces

Do you own a CryptoKitty, EtherBot or any other ERC20/ERC721 token and want to get rid of it ? Check out the decentralised token marketplaces on DappRadar and put your tokens for sale. These marketplaces will help you get more exposure on your tokens than in-game marketplace.

Other dapps

Not a game, not a casino, not a marketplace… That’s what “Other” dapps are! In future we hope that “Other” will be the smallest category in terms of quantity of dapps and we will have more categories describing these dapps.

The biggest ones of course are decentralised exchanges like ForkDelta and IDEX. If you own some tokens on ethereum and want to exchange or sell them, DEX (decentralised exchange) is your best choice! All the logic is done transparently in open source smart contracts.

Hard to overview this category as the dapps are really different and not getting into any other category so far. For example, Leeroy is a decentralised Twitter. Explore them and find the dapp that is useful for you!

Statistics by category

Providing some data graphs split by category.

Daily Active Users (DAU)

Currently we are using DAU as the main metric for a dapps ranking. DAU is a number of transactions with unique addresses.

DEX’es are responsible for over 5,000 DAU and that makes “Other” as the biggest category right now (yes, we are going to separate exchanges for “Other” asap). Games are making a little bit more than a quarter DAU and I am sure they will evolve fast and get more and more attention.

Transactions volume

DappRadar used to rank dapps by transactions volume before DAU. Still a strong metric and worth to look at.

Same as with DAU, decentralised exchanges on “Other” category are taking almost 90% of the pie. And while casinos have 20 times less daily active users they still manage to receive almost 3 times more ether.

Transactions count

Transactions volume does not tell all the story. Games have a very low percentage of the pie when we are talking about transactions volume but look at transactions count below — it is over 30% here. In my eyes that is a cool thing meaning that most of transactions in games are free of charge!

I want more data!

Head straight to and grab your data! We are working hard on a new version of the website with way more features and insights for both, casual user and a developer. Stay tuned!

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