Over $10,000,000 is circulating in Ethereum games each week

Last week I wrote that Ethereum games pay over $125,000 fees for miners per week. While that is true, I also calculated the ETH circulation in these games.

According to DappRadar.com data, 11,951 ETH went in and out ethereum games during 7 days. Based on current course (according to CoinMarketCap) it is roughly $10,000,000. What a stunning amount!

Here I provide you a list of 5 ethereum dapps that had the highest ETH transactions volume last week:

  1. Etheroll — ethereum casino. Had 6,736 (more than half of total!) ETH volume last week.
  2. CryptoCountries — 1,712 ETH volume last week.
  3. CryptoCelebrities — 1,199 ETH volume last week.
  4. ETHERBOTS — just finished their pre-sale with 941 ETH volume last week.
  5. CryptoKitties — still on fire! 393 ETH volume last week.
5 DApps with highest transactions volume per day

2018 is going fantastic so far. So much milestones reached! Let’s run through 2018 together, check out DappRadar.com daily for new ethereum applications.