The biggest pyramid scheme on Ethereum so far — PoWH3D

It has been a couple weeks of silence in TOP 3 most popular dapps on DappRadar but suddenly a new dapp came along and is skyrocketing now.

What is PoWH3D ?

Let’s be honest, this is a pyramid scheme. Every user is getting paid for the users that join later. If no more users join anymore for some time, impatient ones will start selling their tokens. The difference here is that 10% of sales amount is distributed between all the token holders so you could potentially earn if others are panic selling.

Why is it still alive ?

PoWH3D started as a joke stating that you will lose the money you invest because every ponzi or pyramid dies eventually. But the project got so much hype lately and currently having almost 2000 daily users and that is a huge number! Pyramid is alive as long as it attracts new users.

TOP 3 Ethereum Dapps

There is no doubt that someday PoWH3D will lose user attraction and collapse so once again, have this in mind and never put there any money you can’t lose.

How to earn ETH ?

In PoWH3D you can get paid by simply holding their tokens (stake) or sharing your referral link and getting 30% dividends from referrals. You will find in-depth explanation of the dividends on PoWH3D website.

The future

There is no future for ponzis and pyramids. Amen.

In case you still want to get into this for some reason, get me some coffee by getting into PoWH3D through my referral link. Thank you.

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