The Unisex Skirt
willow mae

Hi willow mae,

I’m the creator of this skirt. Thanks for posting this! Your points are well taken.

The goal is simply a skirt with large pockets and heavier material for anyone who happens to like such features.

“Unisex” doesn’t refer to the style, whether you consider this skirt’s style feminine, masculine, both, or neither. Unisex refers to the fact that it’s not intended to be limited to one sex or gender. A very feminine skirt and a very masculine skirt are equally unisex. If all clothing were unisex, as it could be, there would be no more need for gendered clothing shops, departments, or changing rooms.

It’s “rugged” simply because it’s made of heavier and more durable material than most skirts. There are advantages and disadvantages to that, but it’s a differentiating factor.

It’s described as “modern” just because it doesn’t resemble traditional styles.