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Robin Fontaine

Siphoning money from donations to streamers. I mean honestly, taking as much as 40% of donations?

This is a totally unethical way to increase revenue in my opinion, and it’s going to catch up to you when people start noticing what this really is.

This is clearly a monopoly issue, there’s simply nowhere else to go. I would love to see an abusive practices suite brought against you, and I think they would have sufficient evidence.

Don’t think people have forgotten the incident, it’s actually illegal to pay people to switch services at a net loss in order to attempt to hurt another company. It’s similar to predatory pricing, taking a loss to drive another company out of the market and attempt to form a monopoly. It’s blatantly obvious this is what has happened, it’s simply matter of time until the right people take notice.

Don’t let your hand get caught in the cookie jar, Twitch.

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