The Future IoT: Building Better Legos
Scott Jenson

Great article – I agree with your view that the biggest obstacle at the moment are the companies, who all want to own the entire market/eco system.

What we need – what allowed the internet to flourish – is an open, shared standard. The Internet itself faced the exact same dilemma as IoT is facing now: a conglomerate of corporations wanted to license their proprietary Token Ring for communication – instead, Ethernet won, because it was free, open, and it radically outgrew the former … partially because of the power of the open source movement.

I know you mentioned other, ongoing projects such as Mesh. But I guess a question we could and maybe should ask is: how can we enable the same people that drove the Internet, to drive IoT? What tools and possibilities do we need to put into the hands of the global community of digital makers – open source programmers – in order to generate a critical mass of IoT services that actually speak together and exchange data freely, securely?