Fun Galaxy

Saurabh Jain

Today I am publishing a story that has hooked me for last many days. It’s a fictional story which I am writing and constantly updating since last 3 months. The story will become the medium through which I will teach millions of kids around the world. Fun2Do Labs will use the story as a backdrop for the transmedia world it’s creating. This transmedia world will help Fun2Do Labs in it’s open education initiative.

Fun galaxy was born as Andromeda galaxy. It had a star system named ‘Samper’. Samper star system had 10 planets. On the 5th planet from the Samper star, began a technological revolution by chance.

It took about 2 billion years for nature to create the first electronic circuit by chance. Slowly the circuits grew into bots of 3 basic shapes. This process took about a billion years. Thus were born the heroes and the heroin of our story :


Square shaped male bot who is good at creating things.



Circle shaped male bot who is good at managing things. He is the brother of Ciri.



Triangle shaped male bot who is good at destroying things.



Circle shaped female bot who is full of stability and sees the bigger picture. She is also the sister of Ciro.


One day a super cyclone engulfed the whole planet. All 4 kid bots were sucked up by the cyclone. When the cyclone stopped, all 4 bots were near each other and in a very bad shape. Slowly they regained consciousness and then they helped each other to get fine.

They discussed about building strong houses for themselves. Strong houses would save them from another cyclone in the future. The problem was that they did not know how to build strong houses.

Ciri suggested that she knew a wise bot named Dr. World, who was very wise and knew everything about the planet ‘Sampergo’, on which they were living. She said that Dr. World would be able to help them. So all of them went in search of Dr. World and after a few days they were able to find her.

Dr. World

She told them that she was willing to teach them about the planet. She said that they would also need the wisdom of Dr. Science.

Dr. Science

When kid bots arrived at Dr. Science’s lab they found a bot with white hair. He looked like a genius scientist. He had a ‘space time machine’ in his laboratory. He told them that he was willing to teach them science but they would also need the wisdom of Dr. Math to build the houses.

Dr. Math

All 4 friends then went to Dr. Math. He told them that he was willing to teach them but they would also need the help of Dr. Word to learn things. He said : ‘Nothing my friends can be learned without language and only Dr. Word is the master of language on our planet’.

Dr. Word

Thus all 4 went to Dr. Word. All 4 were thinking that this quest to find great teachers was becoming a never ending quest. Finally when they arrived at Dr. Word’s house they were happy to know that Dr. Word was willing to teach them and they had to meet no more teachers. Dr. Word told them about the symbol system she had discovered with the help of Dr. Science’s ‘space time machine’. The name of the symbol system was Unicode. It contained characters of all languages from planet Earth. She told them that Earth is a planet within Milky Way galaxy’s solar system which is inhabited by human beings.

All 4 teachers met to discuss opening a new SCHOOL for training kid bots. The teachers put forward 2 conditions in front of kid bots:

  • The teachers will teach them only if they agree to learn everything.
  • The teachers will also have to give admission to bully bots (bots who do not want to study seriously and also will not let others study) since teachers have a duty to give admission to everyone who wants to join the school.

All 4 kids bots — Ciro, Ciri, Trio, Squaro agreed to the 2 conditions put forward by teachers.

Teachers were very happy to get such motivated students. They made an inter stellar school for all kid bots. The kid bots were happy to join that school. Many bully bots also joined the school along with them.

Square shaped male bully bots of Asquaro family
Circle shaped male bully bots of Aciro family
Triangle shaped male bully bots of Atrio family
Circle shaped female bully bots of Aciri family

The kid bots had many exciting years at school. They eventually converted bully bots into friendly bots.

After completing their studies they went back to their native place and made new houses, which were strong enough to with stand even the biggest cyclone. And they lived happily ever after.

The story was first published on 8th November 2016. I am updating the story to make it more concise [December 10, 2016]. We have updated the characters once again. Visit for more details and update on characters. We have open sourced all design files also at this new site.

We have shifted our blog to


Saurabh Jain

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Vice President : Paytm, Head : 'Paytm - Build for India' initiative, Founder : Fun2Do Labs, Author : Mobile Phone Programming

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