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As a junior at Cornell University, I see it all the time: students clinging to their coffees while stumbling into class and slumping over in their chairs.They’ll stare blankly in the general direction of the lecturer, dawning dark eye circles and sporadically yawning.

I’ll admit I’ve been that person to show up to class exhausted and therefore struggle to stay engaged. Haven’t we all? According to a study conducted at Brown University, 73% of college students were found to have sleep problems. During one lesson in particular, I was really struggling.

In sophomore year, I arrived at my 9:30am macroeconomics lecture dazed and confused from a lack of sleep. I’d gotten a grand total of 1.5 hours of sleep thanks to a final research paper which was due that morning. I fully expected to absorb nothing from the lesson and review the slides after a nap, but the instructor pleasantly surprised me and helped to wake me up. …

Scarlett Kaufusi

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