Conscious Eating

Unconscious eating is something too many of us practice on a daily basis. No — we are not talking about sleep eating, but rather mindless snacking or food choices. These choices are deemed unconscious because we clearly are not thinking of the caloric intake or nutritional value before diving in.

In order to take responsibility for your nutrition, it’s time to wake up and practice conscious eating. This means that your days of sitting in front of the tv eating an entire bag of chips are over. Fortunately, conscious eating does not have to be a drag. You are still allowed to snack, have cheat days, and indulge — the only difference is that you’ll be thinking about the repercussions and limit how often it happens. Conscious eating is, without a doubt, a lifestyle change, but we’re here to help with a few pointers.

Defining Conscious Eating

You may know conscious eating revolves around making smart choices, but what does that actually mean? For starters, you’re making a commitment to eating exactly what your body needs to function optimally — not more, or less, than that. Conscious eating is catching yourself being unhealthy and asking the tough questions. “Why am I eating this right now” and “Do I really need this?” The more you hold yourself accountable the better off you’ll be.

Knowledge Is Just the Beginning

You can have all the clean eating and nutrition knowledge in the world and still not be making a difference in your life. Simply put, knowing what to do is not the same as actually doing it. Having the correct knowledge without following through will never do you any good. For instance, it’s one thing to know you shouldn’t eat an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting, but it’s another to actually follow through with your own advice.

Reshaping the Relationship

Many of us have unhealthy relationships with food and because of this we have a hard time remaining completely conscious. As you transform into a conscious eater, begin reshaping the relationship as you go. For instance, when you catch yourself hunting for a snack to reward yourself after a long day, stop and think. Are you eating because you need to or because you think you deserve it? Previously, your relationship with food had you conditioned to eat when you do something right. Instead, reshape the relationship by doing something right by eating only what you need.

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