5 Compelling Reasons All of Us Should Care About Virtual Reality

Legendary Disney animator Glen Keane painting Ariel with Tilt Brush

1. VR and AR will allow us to easily express what we imagine, and in doing so, will encourage us to imagine more.

Spaceman Spiff aka Calvin aka Stupendous Man

2. Natural interfaces such as VR and AR can help return us to that childlike state of wonder and imagination.

360 video of the Taj Mahal

3. VR/AR tools can democratize creativity.

The current prototyping methods available to us. We talk, gesture, write, draw, design, code, and build. These are the channels we must use in order to get our thoughts our into the real world, where they can be understood by others. VR will introduce more intuitive modes of expression.

4. Mixed Reality is how we will feel, and even become, superhuman.

Tony Stark using a holographic interface in “Iron Man”

5. MR will redefine sharing.

Let’s think about people as nodes in a network. It’s not enough to connect more nodes, we must make stronger connections between them (indicated in the diagram as double bonds). Connectivity is measured not just by the number of connections, but by the strength of those connections.
Hololens’s vision for augmented reality

In a nutshell:

Kingspray’s Graffiti VR experience on the HTC/Steam Vive

Shahid Karim Mallick

Written by

I build natural interfaces (see my latest work at smallick.com). Studied neuroscience @BrownUniversity. Product @NeoSensory, previously @CalaHealth

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