How Trumpism Threatens Silicon Valley
Khan Shoieb

Khan, unfortunately you missed the mark regarding the average Trump voter’s relationship to technology.

I grew up in a county in Pennsylvania that is 90%+ white and mostly rural. The biggest and only “city” has less than 30,000 people. Virtually all the white residents will be voting for Trump.

These people…even the ones my parents’ age (70s) embrace technology when they are exposed to it in their work places and homes.

The fear is not of technology or of society progressing technologically. It is of changing demographics that they fear are marginalizing them by lessening the societal standing (and power) they’ve had as the majority and threatening to wipe out their culture and traditions (think: The War on Christmas).

Yes, there is pride in being self-sufficient and, in some, a pride in physical toughness and working with their hands. But if you’ve ever worked on a roofing crew or in a scrap yard as I did for summer jobs (thankfully, only summers), you’ll know there’s not a man out there who wouldn’t be happy for a machine to take over the most back-breaking tasks he had to do.

You’re right in saying the Trumpers will be bitter if technological advances are only relegated to cities, and they get passed by. But it won’t be because they don’t want them. It’ll be because they didn’t get the opportunity to embrace them.

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