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Over the years, I’ve learnt that a great developer experience plays a large part in a successful project. Here are my tips for contributing as a designer.

For the past eight years, I’ve been working as a UX designer and frontend developer in Stockholm, Sweden. When I look back on the projects I’ve been a part of, the ones that were successful and provided a great user experience always had a great developer experience. When it was neglected, the projects often fell short of set expectations.

Developer experience (DX) could (somewhat oversimplified) be…

(This post was originally published on alexanderskogberg.com)

Rockstar Games’ long-awaited title Red Dead Redemption 2 was released on October 26, 2018 and has been met with enormous praise. In this post I go through the good, the bad and the ugly UX of this western epic that most likely will go down in history as one of the greatest games of all time.

After releasing Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) in 2013, Rockstar Games has had gamers waiting patiently for the follow up to their 2010 smash hit wild west adventure Red Dead Redemption.

In this prequel to…

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The nature, architecture, people, language, food and culture. During my trip to the mesmerising country of Japan in October this year, I felt there was no end to the impressions I got. In this post, I’ll tell you what stood out about design.

Was it playing Super Mario World as a kid in the early 90s? Could it have been eating sushi when going to college on the Swedish west coast? Maybe seeing Sofia Coppola’s masterpiece Lost in Translation multiple times had something to do with it.

I don’t know, but for the…

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User interface design is hard. Smartphones, tablets and laptops come in all shapes and sizes with and without keyboard, mouse and touchscreen input. For making your design great in this context, you must first learn to break your design.

Too often in projects I’ve seen design fail late in the development process due to it not being tested enough in different ways. This waste of time and energy can easily be reduced.

There are several reasons for this failure. Sometimes it’s stress, last minute content changes or unclear initial requirements. But sometimes it’s…

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Email. Love it or hate it, you probably have to use it on a daily basis anyway. Here are my best tips for writing emails people will read, understand and (most importantly) reply to.

I’ve sure sent my amount of crappy emails over the years. Emails with vague subject titles, unnecessary CC:s and forgotten attachments. Once, I’ve even hit the Reply All button and sent an email to over 500 coworkers.

I’m always trying to write fewer and better emails and faster and more helpful replies. However, I can always get…

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There are lots of great tools for drawing wireframes today. However, I still prefer my good ol’ paper wireframing kit. In this post I’ll tell you why and explain how paper wireframing will make you a better designer.

In 2012 I was planning on taking my wireframing skills to the next level. I had gotten the excellent app Paper by FiftyThree for my new iPad and had ordered two well-reviewed tablet sketching pens all the way from the US.

Around this time, I also took a paper sketching course by the Swedish designer…

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Today, images stand for about 50 % of a website’s total weight. Since poor performance is so tightly linked to decreased revenue and dissatisfied users, we designers must take more responsibility for website images.

Websites keep getting heavier and heavier. According to data from httparchive.org, the average website weighed 3686 KB on February 15, 2018. Six years earlier (February 15, 2012), the average website used to weigh 986 KB.

Websites have become 373,8 % heavier during the last six years. It’s mind-blowingly bad!

Video stands for a large part of a website’s weight…

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If you’ve ever shared your knowledge and experience in front of a crowd, you know it’s an amazing and very rewarding experience. But getting speaking gigs can be challenging. In this post, I’ll share my advice on how to get them.

A lovely crowd at Telenor during a recent talk in February, 2018.

Since 2011 I’ve been giving talks on different topics such as accessibility, mobile first, responsive web design and how to become a macOS power user. It’s something that I enjoy immensely, learn a lot from and will keep doing for as long as I can.

While giving talks is a…

There are no normal users. Following WCAG 2.1 will improve the user experience for all people browsing websites. Illustration taken from the Microsoft’s toolkit for inclusive design.

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In the Summer of 2018, WCAG 2.0 will be updated to version 2.1 with new guidelines for making websites even more accessible. In this post I’ll try to give simple explanations of these guidelines along with thoughts and advice on how to follow them.

WCAG stands for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and is an International established set of guidelines for accessible content on the Internet. These guidelines are mainly for people with various disabilities, but also for different devices used for browsing websites.

WCAG is maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)…

(This post was originally published at alexanderskogberg.com)

In recent years, Sketch has risen to one of the top vector graphics editors among designers. I use it several times a week at work and I love it! Here are my tips for making great wireframes in Sketch.

When I started working as an IT consultant in 2011, my designer colleagues all used different vector graphics editors. Today, almost everyone of them uses Sketch exclusively.

If you’re making wireframes, creating a style guide or drawing illustrations Sketch is the perfect tool! …

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I’m a UX Designer experienced in design systems, accessibility and frontend development. I strive to make things simple and time-saving.

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