US Empire Is Running The Same Script With Iran That It Ran With Libya, Syria
Caitlin Johnstone

A bit of history: The 7 nation plan of imperialist aggression has been in place since the Program for a New American Century. Presidents don’t matter. In the 2000 election year, I thought it was a contest between invading Iraq (Bush) or invading Iran (Gore). There are two reasons not to believe US intelligence agencies. First, they usually get it wrong, going back to the Korean War, the building of the Berlin Wall, and the collapse of the USSR, to name some of the most prominent. When they don’t get it wrong, they make up fairly tales. A major problem is that the agencies themselves can’t tell the difference. Those Intel Vets were almost all analysts, and the analysts have never run the agencies since the days of ‘Wild’ Bill Donovan and his OSS.