Skollz Brand Whitepaper


Welcome all.
Welcome Skollz.


The Skollz brand is a first-of-its-kind Fashion x Web 3.0 Startup.

Our vision is to build a self-sustaining, commercially successful, and desirable fashion brand on the cutting edge of streetwear fashion and the web 3.0 movement.


Phase 1

The Skollz brand was initialized as a collection of 1,055 pixelated skull head NFTs on Solana. Here’s mine for reference:

Pixel Skollzy

Phase 2

Introducing Lost Skollz Society, a collection of 2,555 “V2” Skollz, brought to life in a wonderful hand-drawn art style:

Non-Pixel Skollzy


Over the years we have been lucky to work with some highly successful (and other not so successful lol) streetwear start-ups. This has provided us with an intricate understanding of what works, and what doesn’t in the apparel industry.

Other crypto apparel brands have tried and failed. Some have rugged, and some have never gotten the traction or respect they probably deserved.

A fatal and common mistake in the apparel industry is to grow too fast, but another is to grow too slow.

Recognize your limits, and strive to overcome them.

These things are subject to change, but in fashion there is a delicate balance to be found, and we think we have the tools to find it. Without a solid business plan, fashion startups die, simple as that.

We are lucky that over the years we have built strong relationships with suppliers, designers, drop shippers, and crucial members up and down our supply chain. We will continue to utilize those strong relationships to deliver apparel that is of a high quality, with on-trend designs, and at fair price points.

A simple “Mint” Beanie — Not limited to the Skollz community, can be worn by all NFT fans.


The Skollz team is realistic, and we very much want to underpromise and overdeliver. One thing about the fashion industry is that it is ever-changing… and the brands that do best are the ones that understand how to move with market trends while maintaining and growing their brand’s presence…



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Founder and creator of Skollz NFT and the Skollz Fashion brand.