Genesis of the poem : Singularity — is a hypothetical moment in time, when AI would have surpassed human intelligence. If you think deeper , Singularity would be a point of time, when something created by human(artificial intelligence) will exceed something created by Nature (human intelligence).

Humans have staggering achievements to their credit, in the 12,000 years since humans first began to transform from being hunter gatherers to farmers, from being one of many species competing for food ,we have become the only dominant species on the planet. But has human intelligence surpassed that of Nature? Study of the Atom or the Universe or Evolution or the Human mind , reveals it has not.

And that brings us to the most fundamental question, what is intelligence ? Is Technology and its application , the only sign of intelligence ? I penned a poem to reflect my mental conflict ,I have titled the poem Singularity ,because each of the illustration in the poem is of superior intelligence.

Singularity by Samir Konnur