Who is Sophia Konstantinou?

  1. Who I Am

A Little Imagination

There have always been those days when you wonder. Who am I going to be ten years from now, successful or a complete flop? Will all of my dreams come true? That’s something I wonder about every second of every hour. My imagination has run wild throughout nearly all of my life, just as my obsession with words has. It’s fascinating, how letters grouped together can become a picture or a tale of dragons. I have always been the creative type, be it in song or the incessant tapping of fingers on a keyboard. Aren’t most aspiring authors?

2. My Time And My Worries

3. Remedy

Nowadays, it seems as though everyone can connect with at least one song by Adele. With her soulful lyrics and a stylistic approach to all of her songs, by now she knows what she’s doing. And, as a song by someone who might just be one of the most influential female singers of our time, of course “Remedy” can get stuck in your head pretty easily. I really love this song because of the way that the rhythm flows so smoothly. Even in the beginning before vocals come in there’s an echo-y kind of quality added to that classic Adele piano opening. As usual, her lyrics have a meaning behind them, one that can only be decided by the listener. To me, it means that, as we grow as people, we come to realize that pain ends. It’s not only a momentary feeling most of the time but a clear sign that something good is about to happen, that someone or something may enter your life and change it up. Be it a stranger on the street or a ridiculous joke from a close friend, something small or something big, there’s a light at the end of that tunnel.

4. 9:00 PM On Friday Night

Out for dinner with my brother (Nickolas), Mom, and Dad!

5. Practice Makes Perfect!

6. People Who Inspire Me

Source: “The Library” Movie Rehearsal

Chloë Grace Moretz is an up-and-coming young actress who has chosen to use her fame as a vehicle to change things in our world. She’s an open supporter of women’s rights and knows how to handle herself. Unlike most famous women under the age of twenty-five, Chloë dresses well and tries her best to keep from causing any drama on social media or in real life. However, because some people choose to involve others in their publicity stunts, she’s been the subject of multiple negative comments on Twitter and Instagram recently. Of course that’s not why I find her inspiring, but it shows that she can handle bumps in the road with a level head. This is one of the many things that I admire about her, plus her acting skills. I myself would like to get into the business someday if I ever get the chance and her talents at acting often help me master my own characters in different theater productions.

Source: Getty Images

Everyone knows the story of Anne Frank, a young girl whose life was cut short by the great tragedy known as the Holocaust. Her talents as a writer and great thinker may be what made her famous, aside from her diary. I have read her story multiple times in different forms, different biographies and her own autobiography written in her early teens, featuring her family and the three Van Pels living in their Secret Annex. She inspires me every day with her desire to learn, strength of mind and persistence in situations where others doubted her. These are traits that I see as ultimate goals and strive to complete them.

This is my older brother Nickolas, my senior by two years, eleven months, and three days. He’s been my best friend since I was just about seven years old. It seems odd for my sibling to be someone who inspires me, but truly he can keep me going when times get tough. He and I both grew up playing the violin. In fact, he’s the reason I started playing in the first place. I’ve idolized him ever since I can remember for the way he handles situations with determination, his dedication to the things that matter the most, and his clear sense of right and wrong. Many days he’s the one getting me to study longer and put more effort into my work, showing me how to play a piece or helping me to master a new skill. He inspires me with the little lessons he tries to teach me, even when he tries to play parent. Because my big brother always means well.

7. Words To Live By

“Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.”
-Maya Angelou