A Letter from Glenn Beck

The start of an unlikely friendship

A few weeks ago, Glenn Beck stumbled upon my latest book The Art of Being Unmistakable. What’s so odd about this situation is that could care less about politics, and I didn’t even know just how polarizing of a figure he was until I saw the reactions from my Facebook wall. The book became a bestseller thanks to him, sold over 10,000 copies in one week and this experience has turned out to be a defining moment in my career. I asked him If I might share this letter he sent me and when I shared it on Facebook, I shattered perceptions of him for many people. I thought I’d post it here on Medium.


While looking for something else, I stumbled on your book a couple of weeks ago. I thank God that I did.

I don’t know very many people who really “get it”. You do.

In a world that only seems to care about groups, the collective, votes, power and fear, Glenn Beck touting your book is a double edge sword. But in a world in search of authenticity you are a super star and I have 30 million people that need to hear the truth you speak.

I am currently on a plane flying to some city to speak to a group of people, half of whom will be there for politics, celebrity or because they have nothing else to do. I will disappoint those people as I have not spoken on the road about those things for quite some time. Because of your words and compass I was using over the last couple of years, the number of those who are powerful, unique and activated in the audience is going to go up dramatically. It already has, but because of your distilling of universal truth, nitrous has just been introduced into my engine.

THANK YOU for your courage.

As I am reading your work again this afternoon, I felt compelled to reach out beyond my producers etc and ask you myself if we could talk off air and on.

People from all walks of life need to hear your words before the world changes even more. Too many don’t see it, don’t want to see it or are trying to hold on to what they know. But what they know is BS, outdated, over and will enslave them to something or someone in the end. With the correct understanding of who each of us are, what is coming will be a profound blessing.

Beyond the audience, I am currently writing a company manifesto to transform my company. It has been in process for a couple of months as it comes to me, usually in the middle of the night when it is quiet. Much of what you have written is what I have written. In shocking amounts, but I am still in the middle of dynamic change myself and so your nudge or shove deeper down the path has been welcome. This Christmas I intend on unveiling the vision to my company (mercury radio arts, the blaze tv, mercury ink, Mfilms 1791.com and the blaze.com). But I am also going to be buying 300 copies of your book and give it to each Mpartner as well.

On a personal level, I am in the ugly middle (hopefully toward the end) of a pretty massive shift of consciousness. It will change everything in my world. Very few in my circle really gets how much, those who do fear it. Because I am a recovering alcoholic, I have been here before and not only embrace it but celebrate it.

I know that I am still just a shell of who I really am. About four years ago I felt I hit a ceiling, the world encouraged me to be comfortable and live there. But did not serve my best self and when I hit my highest point, I was no longer the person that started that journey and had passed the person that the world saw and wanted or hated.

If I could go surfing for a year, maybe no one would see the solar flares of the continued evolution of a mans life. I can’t hide them, nor do I wish to, but I think with your help, I just might be able to take people on the journey with me and ignite their fire.

I was struck by your advice to use your MICROPHONE and start the BLAZE in others. Well, I literally own both.

Do you give seminars for companies? Have you considered doing an on line course? How much tv have you done if any? How about radio? Would you consider writing columns for the blaze.com?

If you are open to a dialogue I would love to explore ways to make your work the non fiction atlas shrugged of this generation and my audience.



I’m the host and founder of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast, where I have weekly conversations with creative entrepreneurs and other insanely interesting people. Our guests have included bloggers, authors, bank robbers, happiness researchers and world famous cartoonists.

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