You are the Final Authority on Your Life 

It’s important to begin with a willingness to feel good inside, because there’s no sense enhancing other parts of your life at the expense of your inner well-being. - Gay Hendricks

In many ways surfing has been about my inner well being. The exercise, cool wardrobes, and all the other things are really just fringe benefits to me. They are positive externalities of an activity that has no real economic value, but an intrinsic one that can’t even be measured.

Are you goals worthy of your life?

I don’t know how many people even stop to ask themselves that question , and it’s one of the most important ones we could ask ourselves. Blinded by our own ambition, caught up in the ego driven pursuit of a life that looks good on paper, we race towards our goals at he expense of our inner well being. When I was 20 I dreamt of commission checks, presidents club, free trips and all the things that I thought came with a lucrative sales career. Instead what I got was stomach aches, IBS, and some of the darkest days of my life. The goal wasn’t worthy my life and some days it felt like it was going to cost me my life.

You’re the final authority on your life. You’re the CEO. And according to my friendMegan Elizabeth Morris when you realize that, failure doesn’t really matter. The funny thing is almost nothing matters as much as you think it does when you realize you’re the final authority. So much of what we think matters is based on the opinions of other people:

Does the publisher think your book is worth publishing?

My friend Torre couldn’t find an agent who wanted to work with her, so after 6 months she self published. A Hollywood producer tracked her down and bought the movie rights to her book. And instead of waiting to be picked, she got to pick the agent of her choice, and let the publishers bid for her book.

Is your writing good enough to appear on a major blog?

Are you good enough to be on the basketball team?

Did you score high enough to get admitted?

Are you hot enough for that girl or guy to date you?

Is anybody reading what you write? Usually in the first 6 months, it’s just your mom.

Have you received the popular kid’s blessing? And does it really matter since:

Remarkable misfits will make their ruckus and make dents in the universe

Instigators will cause us to think, question our purpose, and examine our lives.

Ordinary people do extraordinary things every single day.

You’re the final authority on it all. Your sign off is the one that matters above all. You get say whether you’ve live a life filled with meaning and purpose. And what that means to you is not going to be found in a map, but by using a compass. I don’t know what the the destination will look like when you get there. So just START. The view should be pretty fantastic when you arrive. There’s often scenic beauty at the end of an unpaved road.

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