In this Interview, Alex Jamieson and Bob Gower, talk about the fundamentals of radical alignment. Along with advice on reducing interpersonal friction, and interacting with those around you to help transform your business and life.

In this Blog:

  • Alex and Bob’s inspirations
  • The hidden benefits of growing up privileged
  • Their views on why relationships don’t work
  • Overview of ‘Radical Alignment’
  • The idea of Somatic Awareness
  • Threefold path to Alignment
  • Framework for having a Conversation
  • Thoughts on being “Needy”

Let’s dive right in!

Alex and Bob’s Inspirations

Bob’s mother was a school teacher and his father a ceramic engineer that eventually became a salesperson. What influenced him a lot was that his father was actually born quite poor, his first love was history and his second was crystallography, but he chose to go into ceramic engineering for it’s guaranteed placement. …

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Towards the end of 2018, I was miserable, depressed, and hopeless.

  • A good friend of mine had drowned in Mexico.
  • The woman I was seeing broke up with me two weeks before my 40th birthday and my business partner and I parted ways.
  • The Launch of An Audience of One had failed to live up to my expectations. Ironically, letting go of your expectations was one of the primary messages of the book.

Every single time I got back up after falling, it felt like life punched me in the face and knocked me back down. By every criterion for success I had set for myself, I was failing. I found myself in tears at the dinner table at my parents’ house, unable to explain to my dad why my life was falling apart while my sister was happily engaged and planning a wedding. …

In this interview, Greg Mckeown discusses essentialism and The Disciplined Pursuit Of Less

  • Greg’s thoughts of “Anything is possible for anybody”
  • Finding his Purpose after Law School
  • Greg’s views on situations like the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Undoing Operating Systems in organizations
  • Greg’s Rule — Essentialism
  • Keeping boundaries in relationships

The first step in finding your purpose and passion is to ask yourself, “Do I want all of the downsides that go with the particular upsides?” This is a liberating place to begin and pushes past the unhelpful thinking.

Instead, you should say, “What was I born to do?” According to Greg McKeown, this is the essential path, and what it means to be an Essentialist. …


Srinivas Rao

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