Fine Motor Skills Toys for Toddlers

Trying to pick up a cracker and moving it to the mouth is quite the accomplishment for a baby. This requires the use of the small muscles in the hands and fingers to pinch, grasp, and twist and turn the cracker, combined with eye hand coordination. These fine motor skills are essential for the child’s development. Fine motor skills toys for toddlers help the child practice these movements which increases competence, strength and dexterity. And these educational toys also provide entertainment and fun for the little one. For more information click here. building toys for preschoolers & alphabet toys for toddlers

Lacing toys for toddlers are a good toy for fine motor skills. The toddler is challenged to lace a cord through the holes in a card to follow a pattern or make a new design. This requires considerable practice and skill, and good eye hand coordination. The child must use both hands, one to hold the card and the other to thread the cord. Some lacing cards are in the shape of letters or numbers for additional learning opportunities. Lacing toys for toddlers also include stringing beads. Toddler sized beads are just the right size for little hands and the colored beads also help with shape and color recognition. For more information click here. best toys for 2 year old boys & alphabet toys for 3 year olds

Construction sets are particularly good fine motor skills toys for toddlers. Sets such as nuts and bolts toys for toddlers are designed specifically for this age group. The piecesare the proper sizefor grasping and require both hands for twisting and turning. Nuts and bolts construction toys that also include wheels and cross pieces provide additional chances to practice fine motor skills. For more information click here. teaching toys for toddlers & best toys for 1 year old

Other toys that encourage fine motor skills for toddlers include shape sorters, peg boards, playdough sets and arts and craft kits. In fact there are endless opportunities for a toddler to practice these skills in play and everyday activities. However toys that are especially designed for fine motor skills, such as nuts and bolts for toddlers, encourage repetition, endurance and concentration. High quality toys are designed to challenge the toddler but not overwhelm.

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