Russian soldier surrendered to the ATO forces and told about the presence of Russian officers in Donbass, — The Ministry of Defense. DOCUMENT

The Russian military, surrendered to the forces of anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in Donbass, confirmed the participation of the staff officers of the Russian Federation in the fighting on the demarcation line.

In the 9th of September a soldier of an intelligence company “the 3-th separate motorized rifle brigade” (Gorlovka) “The 1st army corps of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, Russian citizen Sidorov Denis Vladimirovich (04.08.1981, Moscow) surrendered to the ATO forces near the settlement the Wide Beam.

He gave an information about the presence and activities of personnel of the Russian troops and regular units of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation on the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass.

According to him, in command positions in the “3rd brigade” are just regular officers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In the middle of the August for the position of unit commander was appointed a new Russian officer but he passed an old call sign of the brigade commander — “Brest”. In the course of identification from photographs Sidorov confirmed that on the post of commander of the “brigade” in August arrived the Colonel of the Russian Armed Forces, Alexey Berdnikov, who replaced Major-General Igor Borisovich Timofeev. Berdnikov came from Primorsky Territory, where he was commanding a mechanized infantry brigade

The prisoner said that the last time the commander Berdnikov in Gorlovka often come Russian officers of the regular Air Defense units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. On photographs he recognized the officers of the 60th separate motorized rifle brigade of the 5th Army of the Eastern Military District of the Russian Armed Forces: Chief of Air Defense- Lieutenant Colonel Supichenko Sergei Alexandrovich- Chief of Air Defense headquarters 60 brigade, the commander of anti-aircraft missile battalion of the brigade major Korchinskiy Yuri Vladimirovich, Chief of Staff — deputy commander of the Air Defense missile battalion brigade Major Alexei Kireev Paton.

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