Russian soldiers continue to fight on Ukrainian territory

Despite numerous evidences found by Ukrainian and foreign mass media, Putin still continues to state that Russia is not a party to a conflict in the Donbass region. The purpose of my article is to analyze multiple messages confirming the presence of Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine.

It also should be noted that the site “” has created a database of evidences of Russian interference into conflict in eastern Ukraine. It includes a large number of datacards concerning individual Russian units with links to evidences and investigations.

One of the latest reports is that information agencies have identified not just separate units of the Russian Armed Forces who participated Donbass conflict, but also concrete individuals. An example of this is the identification of correspondence in network Vkontakte of Oksana Rovenska who said that she was the wife of an officer, Lieutenant Peter Zholudev who was on mission in Ukraine. She added countless photographs, including awards of her husband — jubilee medal “20 years of the 58th Combined Arms Army” and the Order of Courage.

Also one of the actual message is a photo with a trophy, captured by soldiers of Northern fleet in Ukraine with geolocation — Murmansk Region. This is a location of 61- th separate brigade of marines of Northern Fleet.

This photo was found in a profile of Denis Abramov in VK network who was a soldier of this brigade. ( The inscription “УКРОП” proofs the fact that this car was Ukrainian.

Also, according to the agency “Informnapalm”, not so long ago (May 6, 2016) there was found a “selfie” made by Russian soldier of 175th Brigade on the background of the Russian complex AB-2M “Mercury-BM”, standing on Ukrainian territory.

It is also necessary to remember the investigation made by information agency «Vice News» concerning Bato Dombayev — Russian soldier, which they proved by numerous photo and video materials.

Left: photo of the Russian military Bato Dambaev, which he posted on his own page “VKontakte” in February 2015 (during the battle for Debaltsevo). Right: photo of the Vice News journalist Simon Ostrovsky. Both pictures were taken at the checkpoint in Uglegorsk, near Debaltsevo.

So, it is possible to remember such cases up to 2014. It is possible to mention even a Russian Smerch rocket system seen in Makiivka in January 2015 (

And here are just several examples. Currently there are more than 100 evidences of the presence of Russian troops and Russian military equipment in Donbass region. Many proofs are posted here- So, how Putin may continue saying that they are not taking part in this conflict?!