Why Every Smile Counts

When I was a teenager I was doing a lot of martial arts. There was a sports club in the town I grew up and that provided not only Ju-Jutsu and Judo but mainly a great community. That sports club kind of saved my live.

I have many great memories about that time. Running barefooted on the frozen gras of a racetrack, talking about knife threats at school with the kids, partying in police barracks and afterwards staying there illegally for the night, winning the german masterships more than once, things like that.

But one of the most outstanding memories is about one day when I entered the training room and a guy we name “Öhli” welcomed me with a huge welcome smile. It was that kind of smile that simply says: I am so lucky to see you. Come in. Join us. You’re welcome.

I was like “What’s happening here? That feels incredible!”
Later I thought “Well, I need to do that as well.”.
So I started smiling more and more at other people.

A few years later one of my best friends during that time told me something like: “When I got to know you you always looked grave and angry and sad. Now you are laughing and smiling and you look a lot happier.”

Nowadays some people tell me that I’m the person that always smiles.
Oh, I still can be grumpy and angry and look overwhelming serious — especially when I’m concentrated. But I strongly believe that every person deserves every smile I can give.

Every single smile counts. It might change someone’s life.

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