Why I created Sko There…

I had just returned from my solo post break up, “You made it!” trip from Costa Rica and I was on the phone with my best friend. I was trying to plan my next vacation and I was voicing how unfortunate it was that our schedules never aligned to travel together. I said, “I wish there was an app where you could find someone who wanted to travel or go out and do things when you wanted.” There it was. An idea I was passionate about, a business I could see flourishing and most importantly, it was a problem that I wanted to solve!

Perhaps it was my yearning to travel and escape, the natural entrepreneur in me, or maybe it was me trying to solve the problem of making friends post college, outside of work and connecting with people who were impressive and on the same vibration as I was. Being single, while it was awesome, I did find myself spending a lot of time alone. Which was fine, by no means was I lonely. I was super productive, I put a lot of time into business development, my full-time in finance, dedicated plenty of time to my friends and family, but there were many times where I would want to go out and none of my friends would be available. Once a week, I wished I had someone to go with me to flirt with boys on a Saturday night, go grab dinner on a Thursday, go watch a game on a Sunday, see the new chick flick, go for a drive to the beach, or take a weekend and fly to a random city and explore.

I knew that I couldn’t be the only 20 something year old who felt this way! I had a ton of friends, different groups, all in various stages of life and it was a struggle to get dinner on the books and have everyone show up. It’s New York, people are busy, they have relationships and work, things happen, and I am very understanding to that. However, I was having a hard time finding people who would follow through and do the things they said they would do. To me, integrity is a characteristic and it means everything.

As I started developing the business idea, I started working with an amazing design agency. Alongside the actual development of the design and UX of the app, I was also focused on branding. I wanted my business to not just be an app, I wanted to take it further and create a lifestyle and network for women.

I needed to find a way to hold people accountable and integrate integrity into the app to minimize flakers and disappointment. I figured the best way to do so was through transparency. I ended up eliminating male users because I didn’t want it to be a dating app and my experience with any co-ed social network and social app, was men messaging me to “hang out” with intentions that were not aligned with mine. Plus, I knew eliminating men was what was going to make this app stand out, as it hadn’t really been done when I started developing the concept.

My goal was to make women feel safe, and have platform where they could log in, find someone on the fly or plan an activity whether it be scheduling a fitness class, going to a concert or finding another cool person for a Montauk Summer house. It didn’t need to be match based because how can you judge a friend based on a few common interests? My best friends are total opposites of me! You can online meet people for days! But meeting them in person speaks for itself. I wanted to create an app that connected women first and then the activity or event would come second. I wanted women to be able to do their due diligence with Q&A’s, photos and social media to help them determine if it was someone they could spend time with.

The worst case scenario when meeting someone for the first time would be you meet them for a quick activity (just in case you don’t like them). I suggest a coffee. You converse with them, talk about yourself, learn something about them, and if you’re not feeling like the person is your tribe worthy, you call it a day and go home. You either hit it off or you don’t and because you’re not in a interview for your husband or future life partner, it takes away all the pressure. You can’t get discouraged from making a new friend and whether or not you hang out again, it’s not a big deal. You can be yourself, live your life, do the things you want to do and, maybe you find someone who might want to do the same things as you like to do!

I like the idea that the app can be used for women who travel and want to connect with a local to optimize their experience in a new place. I also see it for women who have just moved or are going through a life change and want to connect with new and different people.

“Sko There’s mission is to create social opportunities for women in a safe, inviting and transparent space. By finding cool new girl’s to hang out with instead of going on awful first dates with #MrNotMyFutureHusband, you will be out and about doing things you enjoy. We’ve eliminated all the men to avoid dating stigmas, relationship pressures and those “aggressive” guys. You can be your own person and find new friends, so you can continue to love your life by connecting with friends who share common interests.”

This blog is about me and my business from the beginning to present time and will focus on what I have learned, what and who inspires me, my goals and vision and document this brave, scary, exciting adventure. I would love to hear about what you’re doing, what inspires you and what you’ve learned!

This is my mission, this is my launch, let’s Sko There!

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