In this article I talk about my journey, a backend engineer, whose exposure to front-end technologies were limited html, css, javascript (native), until now.


A lil’ bit about myself. I am software engineer whose everyday life consisted of dealing with web API / web-service design, consuming and communicating with 3rd party APIs, building ETL jobs, implementing ML, etc. I was happy living in my own cocoon of languages such as Python and GOlang, until something happened one day.

One day, I was reached out to asked to help implement the Front-End side of things as well, since the concerned party…

So you are graduating soon with a shiny new degree or maybe you are looking to make your first career jump and you have lined up a few interviews in your pipeline, but you aren’t too sure of what to expect and how to prepare for the journey ahead? Well this article aims to help guide you!

NOTE : that article covers a-lot of topics, so take your time to understand each section. I’d personally say spend a week or two (or 3) to cover the whole thing. Rushing through these topics is NOT going to help you. Learn-revise, progress-revise.

(GO lang and Python) Mac OS X 10+

We all change work laptops, for various reasons. The biggest hurdle that comes with changing machines is getting the settings from the pervious, especially when you are changing companies.

I wrote this article to be a collection of settings, IDE and software you might need to deal with when transitioning between machines (Mac OS) for Python and GO lang development. Feel free to add more setting or applications that you might think apply to everyone, dealing with these languages.

I. Getting Pip and homeBrew

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pip and homebrew are package managers that allow you to download packages of the web using your terminal.

$ sudo easy_install…

GO (or GOLang) is the language that many Tech Startups and Companies are transitioning into and adopting. In this article I talk about my journey from a full-time Python user to an Engineer who uses a mix of both. Also I have shared the path that you can follow that will make learning GOlang simpler and quicker.

What is GO ?

I am going to write this down in words that made most sense to me.

GO or GOlang is a compilable programming language that you get if Python and C have a baby. …

In this article you will learn how to host a web-app for FREE in a secure environment that is very human friendly called Heroku. Now if you do not know what a web-service or a web-app is, go through my previous article

So first let’s understand why would one need this?

Assuming that you have developed and tested your web-service/web-app on your local machine; you would now like to show the world how awesome your work is. To do so you will need to host it on a server, which can be accessed over the internet. To do so you must launch your app on something like Heroku.

Have you ever wanted to be able to extract data from an online directory into a Excel Spread sheet (.csv file) and have been putting it off because it seemed too daunting a task? If yes, read on.

Before we start, what do you need to know?

Fear not if you do not have any of the below, I will share easy to understand resources that you can use to bring yourself up to speed.

  1. A basic understanding of Python programming and it’s concepts
  2. An understanding of how HTML is set up

You can skip the below, if you are confident in the above 2 requirements.

A basic understanding of Python programming and it’s concepts

You will need…

Have you ever wanted to build your very own Fb app that you could share with your friends? Perhaps and app that picks few of your friends and lists out what mobile platform they use? Or something a lil more advanced like finding out how many people viewed, clicked on, liked and un-liked one of your Facebook page’s posts? If yes, then keep reading this article and get ready to code (even if you do not know how to yet).

Prerequisites (short):

  1. Working or basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, javaScript (the next section points you to resources to learn any of the…

Hey you! How would you like to set up your first web application in a few hours?

The thought of setting up a Web application / Web Service seems to be a taunting task for those who have never done it before or for those who have done it before using complicated python MVC frameworks which take forever to setup . I hope to help aspiring Full-stack developers, Students, Entrepreneurs or those folks who just want to setup a RESTful web-service as quickly as possible using

Before we start, what do you need to know?

  1. A working knowledge of python : be able to write classes and functions…

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