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Introducing Skrife: Your Remote Written Content Team

Hola! Welcome to the Skrife blog.

If you’re anything like the typical internet user, you probably spend an average of five hours everyday reading something online — this post for instance, or articles and newsletters from your favourite online sources. And if you are a startup or small business owner, we probably speak for you when we say that the easiest (and cheapest) way to reach a large number of people on a limited budget is through the internet, say your social media page, blog, website, or mailing list.

In this digital age where most people go to the internet to share their thoughts, discover new things to make their lives better, or connect with and learn from like-minded people, there is a need to give people quality content to consume. This need is intensified with startups and businesses who want to make potential customers aware of what they do or keep existing customers interested in them.

Sadly, not every entrepreneur has the time, skill or team to write something worth reading; and if you’ve ever spent weeks agonizing over how to word a cool blog post or spent five minutes reading something that made you feel like you just wasted your time, you understand the struggle.

The fact that we all have stories and opinions worth sharing doesn’t mean that we can all communicate them clearly. This is the exact problem Skrife is created to solve. Skrife is an online platform that leverages our curated community of high quality freelance writers and editors to help you transform your thoughts into words that resonate with your target audience.

What we think the homepage would look like. What do you think?

Founded by two freelance writers united by a mission to rid the web of crappy writing, we want a world where everyone sticks to their craft — let the writers write and the entrepreneurs build awesome businesses. You struggle with writing, we love it.

The Skrife Founders | L-R: Kelechi Udoagwu and Tolu Agunbiade

From blog posts to articles, newsletters, press kits, customer case studies and much more, Skrife helps entrepreneurs and startups write what they have to say to their audience in their own voice, only better. With Skrife, you are saved the hassle of interviewing and choosing between multiple freelancers, haggling over prices, or worrying over quality and ownership of the written pieces.

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Interested in having something written? Email us directly at hello [at] skrife [dot] com

Know how to write or edit and want to join our community of freelancers? Send an email to freelancer [at] skrife [dot] com

Here’s to simplifying your lives and putting your thoughts into words!

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