Zolt News app – My Review!

I was recently asked to give my insight on a news app called Zolt. I installed it today and here is my first quick impression.

The good:

  • It feels snappy to use.
  • Love the design layout. Reminds nds me of Flipboard but with quiccker animations.
  • Has most of the categories a news app needs.
  • It has some great new ways of interacting with news stories but I don’t find myself using those features much. Rather like just reading the news instead.
  • I like how concise the news is in this app. Articles are summarized by Zolt.

What can be improved:

  • I would love to have more granular options like subcategories. Example: Sports section could allow me to choose a specific sport (NBA, NHL, etc..)
  • The read more from section at the bottom should allow me to stay in reader mode in app instead of switching to Safari app.

For now those are my impressions. I shall update my review in the future if any feature is added by the devs.

For now, I urge you to test the app out as it is a great news aggregator.

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