New Religions for the 21st Century

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art by S.T. Kruglnska

· Church of Fred Rogers

· Neorational Pseudomysticism

· Our Lady of the Running Joke That Somehow Turned Into a Tax-Exempt Religious Organization

· Temple of the Charismatic Narcissist

· The Church of Lucifer Except Not Really Lucifer and Not Actually a Church But Still

· Ecclesia quia Religionis Officium-Diem-Off Exploitatius

· The Holy Book Cherry-Pickers

· Neo-Nicksian Wicca

· Confusionism

· The Verypriceymasons

· Superfun Secret Cult of Esoteric Perpetual Adolescence

· The Order of the Inexplicably Participatory Atheists

· Tantric Involuntary-Abstinence Kundalonely Yoga

· Arctic Voodoo (AKA Bludou)

· The Church of Just Simply Not Harming Other People That’s It That’s All We Ask That’s the Whole Thing

· CalvinandHobbesism

· Ordo Templi Orientis Sototallynot Newageius (AKA Aleister Crowley Excusionists)

· Keanu’s Witnesses

· Orthodox American Shinto

· Wickerless Paganism

· Nuestra Señora de la Santa Superstición Peligroso

· Vision Quest Trustfundians

· What Jesus and the Buddha Said Without the Other Bullshit

· The Deathbed Conversionists

· VATICAN III: This Time the Pope’s a Chick and Those Pedo-Priests are About to Get Curia-ed. Big Time.

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