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It seems as if organizations ask their people to innovate, but then end up blocking it from actually happening.

This post is relevant to all change agents, corporate innovators and coaches that are hired to inspire, support and help teams innovate in organizations.

You might have been in a similar situation. I have at least a couple of times...

You are ready to innovate with your team(s) and bring new corporate ventures to market. You might have set up a hub, designed an end-to-end innovation process and written a playbook.

But somehow bringing the ventures to market doesn’t go as smoothly as in the case studies. Your teams have produced great pitches and business models, but now they seem to be stuck, unable to get to the next step. …

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How to build a successful chatbot that will enhance users’ lives.

Organizations create style guides to capture the rationale of their design decisions and help other teams build great experiences. You might have read gov.UK’s service manual or the U.S. Digital Services Playbook. I wanted to do the same for chatbots build on the Facebook’s messenger platform.

At Sure, we are creating an online assistant that helps you find food and drinks that are better for yourself and the planet. It is still very early days for bots, so I wanted to take the opportunity to share some of our early learnings.

Chatbots Should Make Life Easier 🔮

Computers should know things. With a minimal amount of input from the user, the bot should be able to provide value by leveraging stored information. The bot should be aware, even anticipate the needs of its users and meet those needs with minimal friction. It should automate the kinds of tasks users would normally do on their own like make a dinner reservation, add it to the calendar and share it with friends. A bot should save time and relieve stress by reducing friction and effort. Otherwise it is not much better than the website or app that came before it. Integrations and contextual relevancy are key elements to the experience. …


Sebastian Krumhausen

Strategist, Technologist and Product person. Helsinki & Copenhagen. @futurice, Previously @surebot, @telusdigital, @LEGO.

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