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What is an Emotion?

An emotion is a mental and physiological state which is subjective and private. It involves a lot of behaviors, actions, thoughts and feelings. Facial expressions can be considered not only as the most natural form of displaying human emotions but also as a key nonverbal communication technique.

In 1969, after recognizing a universality among emotions in different groups of people despite the cultural differences, Paul Ekman and Friesen classified basic emotional expressions to be universal: happiness, sadness, disgust, surprise, contempt, anger and fear. …

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NOTE: This is Part 1 of a multi-part series.

Target Audience

Are you a keyboard lover looking for a solution to control everything on your pc with keyboard?
Are you are a person who likes minimalistic UI, bloat free and faster operating system?
Or you are simply looking to explore a new operating system? If so, keep reading!

This tutorial is strictly for laptops/computers which have UEFI Boot mode available. For Windows laptops you have disable secure boot and turn off fast startup.
It is assumed that you have previously worked with some linux distributions.


Even after following the steps correctly you might face some problems, so make sure you have another device with internet connection so that you can search those errors and resolve them. If you haven’t worked on any Linux distribution before, I recommend that you should first try to install Arch on a VirtualBox and get familiar with the commands by reading up the documentation. …


Sumit Kumar Singh

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