Do you believe in God???

I asked him this question for the 3rd time. 
"Yes. I do believe in God", he replied.

"Then why don't you come with me to church? I'm just on my way...," I asked, tugging his elbows.

He didn't move, "I said I believe in God. I didn't say I believe in Christianity or any religion for that matter..."
He shrugged off my hold. He drew the curtains and opened the windows. 
"See, I believe the concept of God is so complicated that Man had to make up religions to have that attachment with God. I admit I do not understand even 10% of the concept that God is supposed to be. But I know for one thing that there is a God..."

"Tell me about your God then..." I implored.

"You see him everywhere. In the nature. In your body. In the tiniest organism. You see the marvel of his/her creation..."

"Her?? You think God might be a female??" I asked. Being a 24 year old woman, I never thought God could be a female. I have always imagined him to be a Man. Someone with flowing white beard and robes etc. With a staff in hand. All mighty and powerful.

As though reading my mind, he answered "most religions potray God as this father figure. Look at the depictions of God in the religions that you know of. The Christian God shown in the famous Michealangelo painting, Lord Brahma in Hinduism, Zeus of the Greeks, etc. The creator is always potrayed in that manner.

The new age fanatasy writers also have picked up that trend, whether its Tolkien's Gandalf the White or Rowling's Albus Dumbledore."

"Why should God be a man or woman. He created the genders... I believe God is this omnipresent force/power inside our minds. Our conscience. The voice in our minds which tell us from right and wrong... That warning bell in our minds."

Now this is an interesting line of thought which had never occurred to me untill now. I sat down, "tell me more...," I asked.

"Years back, in a very famous experiment, two scientists tried to replicate the environment at the time of big bang and to create life. They believed they could create a single celled organism which was the start of evolution."
"The experiment proceeded as planned and the results where not as good as they hoped for. They where able to create amino acids and all the fluids that make up the cell. But it did not work. After sometime it disintegrated. It was like a body without the soul/life. All organs intact, but there was no life."

"You think that life can be given by God only?" I asked hopefully.

"I believe that, that is God. That power inside you. Which makes all the difference between and some tissues, bodily fluids and a fully concious body."

Now this was too much for me. I don't think i agree with him. But line of thought is very much interesting. I sat there pondering while at a distance I could hear the clanging of the church bells, signalling the beginning of the Holy Mass.

I can't go now... I have more questions...