Hiring a maid in the UAE and Dubai? Here’s what it will cost you

Hiring a Maid in Dubai is one of the most important decisions for your house or children. There are many families who do it, but while hiring maid there are many other things which you should consider first, as well as you will need a paper trail of documents to make it all official. If a person does not have the right kind of resources then it can be a lengthy and difficult process because most of the residents in Dubai are unaware of the exact rules of Maid Jobs in Dubai. Here is the simple guide which helps you to hire a Maid Service in Dubai:

Understand the Rules to Hire a Made in Dubai

The first step to hire a maid in Dubai is to familiarize yourself with all kind of rules which are involved in the process. The whole process requires a decent investment of funds because you will be responsible for his/her remuneration and other settlements. That’s why it is very important to aware of all kinds of laws and the contract term which you required.

Whether you are looking for full-time Maid Services in Dubai to help around the house or just to looks after the kids, all these Maid Jobs in Dubai are categorized as domestic help which is governed by UAE domestic labor law, made by UAE government. If you are going to sponsor a Maid in Dubai your salary should not less than AED 6,000 per month. Moreover, to hire Maid Services in Dubai visa can only be issued by the head of the family, whereas bachelors are not allowed to sponsor a Maid in Dubai. Furthermore, according to the Dubai State rules maids which you are going to hire not less than 18 years and sponsored only from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, and India. On the other hand, along with the minimum remuneration, the sponsor will also responsible for some other entitlement for Maid Services in Dubai such as medical insurance, paid vacations, accommodation, etc.

Hiring Maid Services via an Agency or Hiring on your Own

Another most important thing is that how to hire or bring a maid to Dubai, whether you want to hire a maid through an external agency or want to complete this process by yourself. Both ways are fairly straight forward and have their own duration and cost which have to consider.

But hiring a full-time Maid in Dubai through an agency is a very convenient and expensive way. One of the easiest ways to hire Maid in Dubai is to take the SKT Cleaning Services, which is a registered and trusted company helps you to hire household and domestic workers in all over Dubai and rest of the UAE. SKT Cleaning provides cost-effective cleaning packages according to your needs.

But if you already have identifies an applicant and want to hire he/she on your own without the involvement of any agency then you will need to do the most of the legwork yourself. This process includes visa, ticket booking, Maid Room for Rent in Dubai and many other formalities.

How Much the Cost of Hiring Maid in Dubai

Now a day’s, people are turning to professional Maid Services due to their busy schedule to clean their homes from top to bottom. If you have ever assumed that hiring Maid in Dubai is very expensive for you to justify, think it again. So, what will be the cost to hire a maid, anyway? Costs can be fluctuated according to the number of factors, including the area where you lived. However, SKT Cleaning estimates that most of the homeowners spend 100$-300$ for the best and professional maid services. Aside from your site, there are many other factors that come into play while determining the cost of hiring a maid. By having an understanding of which kind of these factors are, you can make an informed and good decision that hiring a cleaning service is right for you and how you can save the money in this process.

How to Save Money on Your Maid Services

These are some basic factors to the cost of an essential home maid service. If you are thinking to hire a maid for the first time, of course, you would like to get the best value of your money.

Here is the one thing which you should keep in mind that most of the cleaning companies in al over Dubai offer special discounts and different promotions for first-time costumers. In this way, you can save a percentage of your money by applying promotion code while booking the service for the first time. You can avail such kind of such offers trough SKT Cleaning platform as compare to hiring an independent maid who charges by the hour.

Moreover, you can also save money by enrolling in a recurring plan. This may be a practical option if you have needed to clean your living space professionally on a regular basis.

Final but not least, by picking up a little before your maid arrives can also save your money. Because mostly the maid is paid per hour, she may need to spend more time picking up the clothes and other stuff from the floor in order to mop, dust, vacuum and clean. Simply by taking a couple of minutes to pick up the small items before your maid arrives can help him/her to optimize the job.

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