• You drank too much coffee (energy-drink, Mate-tea, whatever), because you were tired, and thus did not fall asleep early enough
  • You spent too much time on a screen at evenings / night
  • You drank alcohol (no matter how much) the day / night before
  • You spend you’re work day in front of a computer and barely stand up and stretch
  • All your muscles (especially neck muscles) are tensed, because you only sit, drive, sit, lay down and never walk, run, stretch
  • You only eat junk food
  • You eat too late before going to bed
  • You don’t go to bed
  • You don’t have a bed
  • Donald Trump

I write when I’m confused. It puts my screaming brain ducks in a row again.

I write when I’m sad. It takes away my sorrow from me to the paper.

I write when I’m angry. It’s much less badaboom to scream at paper with ink than to people with voice.

I write when I’m overloaded. It’s the mental paper backup to load off to.

So I write to keep my health. Mental, that is.

More than a year ago, when Microsoft’s Hololens was announced, I was pretty thrilled by the presentation. Not so much time before, Google had it’s hype with the “Google Glas”, putting IT quasi “in your face”. So I was pretty impressed by how Microsoft was projecting VR elements into the real world. At time of that presentation, I was pretty skeptical, whether the hardware would actually be fit enough, to do all the necessary real time sensoring and 3D projecting.

Now, the “Glasholes” (Google Glas users in public ;) are long gone from our streets, that hype seems to be…

Will you hire someone better or with less skills then yourself? Are you looking for someone to control, or to excel?

Ask yourself: are you scared that you might be inferior to that person you’re going to hire? If yes, you’ve probably already taken the wrong decision. How can your company, project, NPO — or whatever conglomerate where people are needed — how can it get better, improve, grow, if you just hire people inferior to yourself? It can only get as good as you are. It will stall your own learning, improvement, career. …

Today is again a day of which I’m calling “The Void”. This usually happens with me when there’s a period of a lot of work, a lot of stress, a lot of events happening right after each other. Whenever thereafter I have a day of “time-out”, “me-time”, “off-time” with no appointments, no plans, basically nothing to do; most the times I’m falling into this numbness having myself flung on the sofa, knowing “hell there’s so much that I wanted to do in my spare time”, but not getting triggered to start. You just sit there. Staring at yourself from the…

Who orders office space?

Who is in charge layouting people in the office?

What’s the main goal of these people?

What do these people do most of their time?

What do these people NOT do most of their time?



Save Money. So save space.

Talk. Meetings. Rush back and forth.

Hard, coherent work which requires creativity.

So want to change open-plan office? Change the managers.

Money makes the world go round, but it’s somehow strangely distributed

Some of you might have heard about the “Basic income” idea as a form of funding and social stability in a society. It’s been discussed now in several countries around the world. Switzerland just recently had a vote on it (which got refused by a vast majority. Everybody here is rich I guess).

AFAIK it’s not been deployed anywhere on this planet on a larger scale than just a few villages in Africa. However, this morning I had the idea of transferring that model into a company environment as a way to pay your employees.

By the hour but yet inaccurate

I’m working in a IT/software…

Well yes, there’s this song, which isn’t even that great. And the lyrics don’t really reflect what I’m about to write here, too, but the refrain line does: I’m tired using technology.

Used to really be a tech freak, geek, nerd, however you wanna call it. I was always first with trying out new stuff. Reading the tech news, and going “oh wow I’m going to need this!”

This is over now. I can’t really explain why. There’s just this feeling deep down under that I’m just tired of it. But what “it”? Digging deeper, I think it’s not the…

Share a smile App

Do good and talk about it

In times of increasing terror and violence, hysteric media and instigating politicians, it’s often hard to keep you head up, not falling down in depression saying “there’s nothing you can do about it”.

I have in fact thought about it. What is out there, what can I do as a single mind? For sure I can’t save the world in an instant, but there’s small things that everyone of us can do.

I‘m a software developer for mobile apps. So here’s my small contribution. I know that a smile can make your day better…

You know them too, right? Those “10 things that will improve your life instantly” kindathingees?

Now, which one of those authors has given you any statistics, measurements, reports on how many people actually improved anything because of that writing? Have you ever heared more than one person saying “hey, I became better because of reading xyz”?

No. You haven’t. And that’s because nobody of those “hey, let’s write up 10 obvious things and claim that they make you better”-people even gives a shite.

With all the likes, clicks, tweets and follows, they actually get a better self esteem, but that’s…

Chris Garbers

mobile app dev, blogger, youtuber, FPV drone pilot #teamtotalnoobs

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