Tired using technology

Well yes, there’s this song, which isn’t even that great. And the lyrics don’t really reflect what I’m about to write here, too, but the refrain line does: I’m tired using technology.

Used to really be a tech freak, geek, nerd, however you wanna call it. I was always first with trying out new stuff. Reading the tech news, and going “oh wow I’m going to need this!”

This is over now. I can’t really explain why. There’s just this feeling deep down under that I’m just tired of it. But what “it”? Digging deeper, I think it’s not the technology as such, but the mere accelerating change of it. The TV set you bought in the 60ies used to be good for like 20 years. Your laundry machine bought in the 70ies will likely still run today.

Todays is different. TVs claim to be “smart” (although they need like 30 minutes of setup and then an hour of updates before you can use them — I don’t call that smart) and need to be updated all the time. Hardware as well as software. At least a major software release for your phone and computer every year. Apps change all the time. And not only are they trying to fix bugs, but they keep changing layouts, functions and workflows. Everyday items become technologized. A mirror showing the weather forecast? Check. Your watch checking your biorhythms? Check. And why the heck do you need to talk to your toothbrush with your phone?

The problem — my problem — with this is: all these items are not only claiming to add value or solve any given problem. No, they in fact mostly do one thing: claim time. Your time. My time.

The more tech equipment (hardware and software) you are gathering, the more time you need to spend with it. And I’m not quite sure if the time those thingies might be saving at any given task is outnumbering the time you additionally need to spend with it.

Those two things, the constantly accelerating change and the time you need to spend with it are the main factors why I’m really tired using technology.

In my spare time, I find myself more and more often avoiding tech. Reading instead of playing. Looking at that app and deciding to delete it. Not buying stuff I would have five years ago.

And then there is this other thought which seems to become more and more the truth of current times: Technology rather creates more problems in society than solving. I believe that we need to spend many more thoughts on how to solve society problems rather than how to solve technological problems. But how to go in that direction as a society, as mankind? I really have no idea, as most people still seem to have more fun with tech that looking at the real problems. Please share your thoughts on this!