Three Products Indie Makers Can Think About to Supply Our Future Habits

There are a few shifts in behavior that may call for new products. The sharing economy and zero waste packaging a just a couple. Makers can start to think about products they can create to not just fulfill these needs, but create new experiences around them. Here are a few starter ideas:

Cereal containers
As we move from boxed cereals to cereal dispensers at grocery stores, grocery shopping will require containers to fill all those grains. With 10–12 lbs of cereal consumed per person per year, for a family of four there will be a recurring need for a 4 lb bag to fill their pantry per month.

The containers can be small canvas bags or some other reusable material that can be sealed. Most grocery stores supply these, but there’s an opportunity to create utlity and also reduce the use of plastic pouches.

Containers that require minimum transfer to another container in the pantry will work best. There is an opportunity here in wholesale to supply to a local supermarkets. 64 Billion of pounds of cereal move each year so these bags or containers have a huge potential to corner the market.

Grocery Tote bags
We’ve just scratched the surface with tote bags for groceries. Grocery stores are still stocking some pretty generic designs mostly their logos slapped on a oil cloth or cheap canvas bag.

How do you design a bag that can hang on hook like a piece of art when not in use. Or how do you design a bag that does away with shopping basket altogether?

This is again a huge market considering 123 Million US households will need an average 4 tote bags each by 2018.

Readymade Home sharing Kits

The market for home sharing growing. The peer-to-peer rental market is now $26B. But you may give out your house keys, nobody wants to lend their linens to strangers.

Readymade kits that contain bed linens, bed sheets, or even a blanket would be useful. With a great design they can create the sort of home sharing experience that gets them higher reviews. Hosts may even mention your brand in their writeups. “I have sheets designed by a local West Coast crafter is a great selling point.” The idea can be extended to other products around the house. Like a set of mugs just for Airbnb guests. Stores can buy these in bulk.

What other ideas are we missing out on to fill a market demand? Write it in the comments or email me at and I will add them to this post.