How to decorate your gothic bedroom in 7 steps ?

It is not just about painting your walls black and claming to be deeply “Gothic” that put off the effect. If you want to decorate your bedroom in gothic styles, but need guidance, then this article is for you.

Gothic bedroom somehow just keep remind people of the darkness but they can be dark, beautiful and enchanting at the same time. Dark colors, black, red and silver candles, soft music or maybe some band posters, mysterious works of art and strange but appealing ornaments like skulls or spiderwebs. No matter what style or purpose you want, one of the best ways to make your bedroom awesome is to make it Gothic. However, each has own unique taste but these following skills with some rules and tips are in need to create the perfect Gothic bedroom

Step 1/ Clean your mess

Gothic and Messy do not stay on the same side. It is always essential that you remove all clutter and unnecessary objects then clean up the bedroom completely. A good way to start is to separate stuffs in 3 piles: a “keep” pile, “throw away” pile and a “under consideration” pile. Remember to clean our room very thoroughly — dusting, washing, vacuuming.,etc — whatever needs to do.

Step 2/ Decide your style

There is not only one style for a Gothic bedroom, which gives you a little diversity and freedom of choices while decorating. Before jumping into specific things, have a good think about what style, effect and message you are going for. Imagine the big image of your bedroom, maybe a fantasy room, with silver walls and stars or maybe a darker room with black walls and haunted pictures. One suggestion for you guys is that purple goes really well with gothic bedroom. However, feel free to create your own style.

Step 3/ Paint the walls

One of the easiest ways to pull off one of the biggest effects is to paint your bedroom walls. Don’t mind to immediately buy whatever dark shade paint you see but don’t rush yourself too hard. Take some time to decide what kind of color you would like. You could also add a mural and make a feature wall. Some suggestions for colors in gothic style shall be silver, deep purple, black or maybe even royal red or blue, maybe with some red shade as well.

Step 4/ Get some ornaments

Ornaments are essential for a Gothic bedroom as they beautify it and add the desired effect. Some ornaments are designed to suit the gothic style, while others simply slide in accidentally. There are few suggestions:

  • Candles — Giving great effect with many differents styles and sizes. Silver, black or red candles match the best. Cream colored or yellow/gold candles can also bring a very romantic look to your bedroom. It would be nice to have scented candles which will make your bedroom extremely desired.
  • Candle holders — majestic, silver or gold candle holders will add a great decoration to any styles of gothic bedroom.
  • Plants or flowers — Try the plants or flowers in pretty silver, white or dark pots. White or red flowers like roses are good for a romantic gothic look especially to your gothic bedroom.

Step 5/ Add some artworks

Old and mysterious paintings and works of arts will always have a big impact on bedroom in goth styles. Mask, mosaics and paintings are all very suitable.

Step 6/ Get gothic bed sets

Replace the plain bedding sets with something more dark or romantic. Black silk is perfect, as is velvet, plain white, silver and if you are looking for more color, purples, reds and blues. Get your bedding sets in relevance with the whole room idea. Besides the boring basic sets with color, ornaments bedding sets are currently hot trending. Some suggestions are skull bedding sets or bedsheets in sugar skull styles is also great and romantic at the same time.

Step 7/ Buy a gothic rug

Match your rug with the same theme and colors of the bedroom. Try getting something unique, interesting and make sure that it will catch people’s eyes. Do not forget to buy one that is high maintenance and won’t wear out over years.

Try following these above suggestions to makeover your gothic bedroom and send us your picture of your bedroom and tell us are these helpful enough.