From time to time someone asks me what to read and who to follow in some of the areas of my entrepreneurial life. I decided to write down the authors and resources I find best in each category. Firstly to make a retrospective and update this list for me and also to share with other fellow entrepreneurs. I hope someone could find it helpful.

It’s split into 4 categories: Macro, Saas & startups, PropTech, and Misc.

📈 Macroeconomics

  • Raoul Pal | general macro insights | Twitter
  • Michael Burry | contrarian thinking | Twitter
  • Stanley Druckenmiller | legendary hedge fund manager…

V Realpade pracujeme na diaľku (remote) už od roku 2012. Dnes už dokonca zo šiestich rôznych miest. Postupom času sme museli podstúpiť veľa dlhodobých a transformačných zmien, ale tiež sme prišli na tri jednoduché, ale efektívne triky, s ktorými sa s Vami rád podelím.

#1: Komunikácia

Každý tím zostáva bez dobre zvládnutej komunikácie doslova paralyzovaný. Emaily sú pomalé a vo Whatsappe budete mať totálny neporiadok v správach. Preto využívame Slack. Je to super jednoduchý nástroj fungujúci na báze aplikácií ako Whatsapp alebo Messenger, navyše však ponúka funkcie k profesionálnemu zvládnutiu každého tímu, ako napríklad:

  1. Chatujte, alebo používajte audio a video hovory (skupinové…

V Realpadu pracujeme na dálku (remote) už od roku 2012. A to z šesti různých měst. Postupem času jsme museli podstoupit mnoho dlouhodobých a transformačních změn, ale také jsme přišli na tři jednoduché, ale efektivní triky, se kterými se s Vámi rád podělím.

#1: Komunikace

Každý tým zůstává bez dobře zvládnuté komunikace paralyzovaný. Emaily jsou pomalé a například ve Whatsappu budete mít ve zprávách nepodářek. V Realpadu proto využíváme Slack. Jednoduchý nástroj fungující právě na bázi aplikací jako Whatsapp nebo Messenger. Nabízí ale funkce k profesionálnímu zvládnutí každého týmu. Například:

  1. Chatujte, používejte audio a video hovory (skupinové hovory jsou v placené verzi…

At Realpad, we’ve been operating as a remote (distributed) team for 7 years now. We’re working from home in 6 different cities. There are many long-term and transformational changes we had to undergo, we’ve also figured out these 3 simple, yet powerful tools you can adopt now. Welcome to Work from Home 101 :)

#1: Communication

Without proper communication, any team is paralyzed. E-mails are slow and Whatsapp messy, therefore we’re using Slack. It’s super-easy to use (like Messenger or Whatsapp), but offers features handy for professional teams:

  1. Chat, audio calls or video calls (group calls only in paid version 6 EUR…

This post will start with some handwaving and claim that the most costly errors you can do while developing your application are:

  • Forget about localization (they speak what language?).
  • This means, among others: translating the UI, formatting names, dates, numbers and currencies, and even outright horrifically complicated stuff like right-to-left languages.
  • Forget about permissions (the janitor needs to log in where?).
  • Forget about time zones (they live there?).

I am happy to say that realPad got 2 out of these 3 right from the beginning. That is, if you don’t count the way we store money as integers (that flat…

I had a chance to visit San Francisco for 3 months last year. I met many European founders coming to Bay Area and hope this might help those who are planning to do so.

  1. I decided to go with no specific goal on my mind and it was a great choice. Forget closing deals or raising money if you are visiting for the first time. You will learn and enjoy much more if you focus on observation and networking.
  2. 3–4 weeks are perfectly enough for the first visit. …

Long story short: I think Facebook has a strong motivation, resources and domain expertise to create the first mobile framework that will enable us to build apps for all platforms at once.


“Now that our app for iPhone is done, do we really need to spend the same amount of resources on Android version?” I’ve been exposed to this question many times when developing apps for our customers.

Who would be happy with porting existing functionality from web to mobile web then to responsive web then iPhone, iPad, Android, Watch, Fridge…? “Build once, deploy anywhere” has become one of…

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