What I learned going Facebook free for the past year.

Last year I decided to stop using Facebook and it has been an amazing experience. With over 1 billion monthly users I was obviously going against the grain in quitting the platform. I hope you guys read it and decide to question what value does Facebook bring to you.

The things I learned from not using Facebook:

  1. I was in a better mood every day. I realized that looking at the same type of content every day in which people posted about their lives adding nothing to my own life.
  2. I no longer cared about hearing from people I barley recognized or even talk to anymore.
  3. Most of Facebook is filled with content about where people were going or new relationships they were in. I rarely found information that was relevant to world events or help me broaden my interests.
  4. Many use Facebook to see what old friends are doing or to post about their lives. I found that was not benefiting my own life in any way.
  5. I wanted to look into platforms other than Facebook. I started using Twitter more often and realized what a great platform it is. I was able to curate my news feed or control what I consume. I found it a great spot to not only find out information on my current interests, but also a place where I could find other things that I may find interesting whether it’s finance, politics or any current world events.
  6. Not being on Facebook also gave me time to see what other cool technologies were currently out such as live streaming via Periscope or virtual reality via HTC Vive.
  7. I found that it was a distraction in my day-to-day life especially for my career. Sitting on Facebook throughout the day lowered my productivity and attention to work events.

What to do?

Facebook is an addiction. We have been trained to need to know what our “friends” are doing at all times and if we’re not constantly on the site we are afraid to miss out on information. The question is what important or relevant information are you missing out on? I believe, if it is important enough your friends or family will be able to text or call you.

Convince yourself that ditching Facebook is for your own good. Don’t come home, sit on the couch and scroll through Facebook while watching tv the whole night before you go to bed.

Try to consume information via Twitter or other online sources that will actually help you gain further insights into what is actually going on in the world and other people’s perspectives.

If anyone would like to discuss this more in detail comment on the medium post or tweet me @skvarghese.