How to get a web design internship or first job
Shannon Veerkamp

Hi Andrea,

Sorry to just now be writing back to you! I’m glad my writing was of some use.

I’ve met UX designers from many disciplines, such as architecture, geography, law, health care etc. I came from Journalism, which is probably similar to the education you received! In my opinion, the thread that links all of them is the interest in people, whether it’s altruistic or scientific.

User experience design also has many sub specialties. For example, someone who is very math-oriented may become interested in quantitative user research. However, a different person who likes creative problem solving may enjoy interaction design (wireframe-heavy) more than the researcher.

It’s great that you are exploring different options. It could lead to a career in UX or a similar field such as Product Management or Development.

I’m also glad you commented on this article. It’s several years old and I should write a follow up.

If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at

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