World Usability Day 2014 — Engaging all parties in the UX Workflow

UXPA Members gather in southern california to discuss UX team workflows. Learn tips from Kathryn Campbell, Jonathan Badeen and David Lai.

Kathryn Campbell via @iwf_now

UX Teams and Collaborative Magic

(about 1:00:00 into the video)

Kathryn Campbell, Managing Partner Primitive Spark, Vice President of UXPA International, Director of Membership and Volunteers @PrimitiveSpark

  • Everyone has stereotypes about designers, developers, content writers etc.
  • Teams members all trying to work together to create products that are a delight to use, failproof, intuitive, etc.
  • One team Campbell was witnessing was in at least 4 different locations and 2 timezones. The team communicated almost entirely via email on a certain issue. Campbell believes this team was successful for several reasons:
  • All team members threw out suggestions. Team members thanked each other for contributions, The developer was willing to try a suggested solution before saying no. In the end, he thanked the designer for pushing his boundaries.
  • Campbell also had other suggestions to help team workflow
  • Review internally first Teach others how to provide feedback, such as always starting with two positive observations Share knowledge with sessions such as brown bag lunches about a conference, even if not related to everyone’s main job functions Show respect. Never take over someone else’s deliverables. you will destroy trust between team members.

Tinder UI via @IdeaNerd


(about 1:20:00 into the video)

Jonathan Badeen, Co-Founder, Tinder @badeen

  • Brand revolves around UX
  • Thought of swipe interaction in the shower
  • Tinder evolved and focused only on matches and less on messaging
  • Went through at least 5 different iterations. Tinder wasn’t afraid to try out different designs and was always evolving
  • Printed designs on wall and brought in entire team to give feedback
  • Brought in people to do user testing to solve dispute between designs
  • Good for everyone to view the user testing
  • Establish goals everyone knows
  • Share every step of the way
  • Compromise and choose your battles with teammates
  • If you want to understand a department better, such as development, learning programming will help communicate better with the developers

Hello Design via David Gerard Mascarina

Engaging the stakeholders

(about 1:45:00 into the video)

David Lai, Co-Founder, Hello Design


  • 10 Ways to engage the stakeholders
  • 1. Choose wisely 2. Do your homework
  • Research and read emails and other materials before meetings
  • 3. Listen carefully
  • Understand business goals and objectives
  • 4. Ideas Matter
  • Understand “why” before “what and how”
  • 5. Do good work
  • Stop telling, start showing
  • 6. Meet in person when possible 7. Always over deliver
  • Anticipate needs and be willing to do what others won’t
  • 8. Know who matters
  • Go straight to the top and make the visionaries part of the process
  • 9. Step back when needed
  • Realize the journey is more important than the solution, and sometimes you have to make sure you’re not putting too much emotion into a decision
  • Lose the battle, win the war
  • Anticipate the worst case scenario and accept it Don’t be a yes man or a prima donna

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