Blockchain as a technology in new business model from little bakery staff

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Some people perceive blockchain linked to cryptocurrency and forgot that concept of the block chain is that many people can write entries into a record of information, and a community of users can control how the record of information is amended and updated. Likewise, Wikipedia entries are not the product of a single publisher. No one person controls the information.

So, the key principles of the blockchain technology is transparent and trusted entries made by different people. Blockchain built from 3 technologies: private key cryptography, p2p network and protocol (platform). This technology allows people to communicate in a new way.

Let’s simply imagine how it will be working for us.

Just imagine that you are a Starbucks share holder. And as a share holder and investor you are interesting to receive true information about company’s activity. Because true information is a basis for correct analysis. Today such information is distributed through periodical reports generated by company’s employees. How do you think, what is the chance to get valid and undistorted information in this case?

Now imagine, that all key data is been regularly written to the block chain — to the decentralized database. This information 100% valid and can not be changed by someone’s decision. Returning to our example with Starbucks — you, as a share holder, will be getting information in real time. All what you need to do now is to make analysis and to make a decisions about your intentions to retain or sell your shares.

The next expected question will be — if I can do good analysis why I can’t give advises to the company’s management (even to CEO) on how to improve things in business and rise a share cost?

Both situations are not possible in the real world simply because company did not have technologies to do that. But now we have it and we are going to use block chain as a technology which simply give us opportunity to communicate with our investors and here their voice and opinion.

So, we, as a company offers you our token which will give you access to all key information (including financial information, information about management’s decisions, strategy, product production processes and other internal strictly closed information). Also out token gives you a chance to share your voice, your opinion or your ideas based on your own analysis of information which you have and see in the real time.

And important thing — if you don’t want to do any kind of analysis or don’t want to see company’s key information don’t use these opportunities and Just receive our dividends and trust management’s decisions and strategy.

I think, it will be good to say that we are the first company who offers this business model and new level of relationships with investors. In the industry, which today is undervalued by new technologies.

The greatest and the most efficient way to implement our block chain based IT tool is to do this in the real business and use it as a lab to test this tool. With your help.

To know more about Project visit our bitcointalk tread.

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