The Real Reason We Need to Stop Trying to Protect Everyone’s Feelings
Ryan Holiday

Anyone who looks around at the United States today and argues that we care too much about other people’s feelings is either blind or just wants an excuse to be a jerk.

Let’s be clear, with very few exception most people don’t have that big a problem with things that are even moderately offensive.

It’s only that right now we are really polarized so each side accuses the other as being overly sensitive.

I look around and I see massive callousness, compassion fatigue and lip-service instead of actual support.

I see a nation of seperate groups itching for a fight for the sole reason that fighting means yelling and yelling means you get to hear the sound of your own voice as loudly as possible.

No one even really cares what they’re fighting for any more so long as it’s an excuse for them to to focus all of their anger and frustration at someone else!

No one wants to actually understand what they’re fighting for or what they’re fighting against, so long as they get to call someone else horrible names!

I’m sorry, but the minute anyone starts an argument with “in the United States people care too much about each-other’s feelings”, it’s pretty clear they have no idea what they are talking about.

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