How to have sex without fucking, being fucked, or making love
Kris Gage

I really respect the Dalai Lama and he clearly has a whole lot of wisdom and understanding, but….

I think it’s fair to say that his knowledge of sex, what-people-are-feeling-when-they-have-sex and healthy sex vs unhealthy sex, is probably a bit limited.

So I would treat anything he says about sex in the same way as I would treat anything that a theoretical engineer says about designing a race car. Full of wisdom and understanding, but inherently limited none-the-less.

IMO when it comes to discussion of sex and the emotional elements of sex, the Dalai Lama is inherently limited because there is some level of understanding that comes in the doing (tee hee!) and not just the contemplating.

As a whole I may understand less about the emotional elements of sex than the Dalai Lama due to his wisdom and understanding of people vs my wisdom and understanding of people, but there are certain emotional elements of sex that I understand that he cannot for the the fact that I have had sex while he has chosen celibacy.

He may understand many more things than I do, but he cannot understand this one thing the same way as I do.

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