Am I Still a Conservative?
Jay W. Cobb

It’s doesn’t matter what you call yourself. What matters is who you vote for and where you contribute your time and money.

Also, when it comes to defining ourselfs as a member of a poltical group, every body LOVES to define themselves according to the things they believe and “stand for”. Defining our political affiliation by the things we whole-heartedly “stand for” makes us feel heroic and steadfast.

But you know what people almost never do? People almost never try to define themselves by the things they are willing to compromise on. IMO for every time that a person defined their politics by the things they believe and “can’t live without”, there are at least two times when they acted out their politics based upon the things they can “live with” and the believes they were willing to compromise away.

How many conservatives compromised their beliefs to vote for Trump? What does it matter how loudly you’re willing to shout your beliefs or how clearly you can define the things you are for vs the things you are against, if in the end you are willing to compromise said beliefs to justify betraying said beliefs.

If you really want to define your beliefs, stop looking to the times that you “stood firm” or to the ideas that you hold to be self evident. Instead, look at the times when you compromised your ideals to support someone who stood for something that you knew was wrong. Look to the times when you took the easy path or “held your nose” while casting your ballot or attending a rally.

Instead of looking to your beliefs first as defining your actions, look to your actions, and see how they have come to define your beliefs.

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