The Era of Employee Drug Testing Is Over
Kris Gage

Remember the article you wrote about how marketing is not about your beliefs, it’s about your customers’ beliefs?

What if your customers’ beliefs are so that advertising that you drug test your employees would give you an adverising advantage by speaking directly to the beliefs of your customer.

For example, if I were a driving service, airline or a security service it might help my business if I made it a point to inform my customers that my company conducted random drug tests of all our employees.

Or if I was a business insurance company who insured these kind of companies, it might make sense in terms if risk management if I required that driving, security and airlines conduct random drug tests of drivers, pilots and security staff as a condition of insurance.

Don’t you think that in the businesses I mentioned random drug tests would be a selling point to the target audience and/or a perfectly sensible thing to require by the business itself and/or an insurance company as a condition of insurance?

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