Trump Is Turning the Enemies of Civil Liberties into Liberal Heroes
Trevor Timm

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are.”

There’s a possible side of this that you aren’t seeing.

As the CIA, FBI and Justice Department are lauded as heroes by the liberal community, isn’t there also a chance that over time these agencies will become more liberal in their thinking and policies?

So much of what the CIA, FBI and Justice Department do is a mater of individual and agency discretion.

Crimes don’t happen.

Events happen.

Two or more people get together to do something, say something, or present something that will effect other people.

The question of whether or not that “action” constitutes grounds for investigation or a potential crime boils down to whether or not someone in the FBI, CIA or Justice Department decides to pursue it.

And if the individuals authorized to influence and make these decisions become more liberal minded through their positive interaction with and treatment by the liberal community, isn’t there at least the possibility that their choices may become that much more liberal over time?

Equally important, isn’t there the possibility that as more liberals view these agencies in a positive light, that more young liberals may pursue careers in these agencies? And if so, who is to say that these agencies won’t become more liberal by the very fact that there are more liberals working there and over time more liberals in positions of authority?

The CIA, FBI and Justice Department are not static entities! They can change over time and turn-over depending upon the people that work there.

We have right in front of us a generation of educated enthusiastic people who are seeing what happens when a presidential administration attempts to use its power to silence the free press and more importantly, what happens when agencies such as the CIA, FBI and (to some extent) the Justice Department refuse to just follow along.

They are seeing the importance of these agencies’ roles, not just in the fight against free speech, but also in the fight for free speech.

I hope that more than a few of them are asking themselves why these agencies can’t be used to protect free speech and fight the real threats to our nation, while having the wisdom to differentiate between the two.

In that past, these agencies have been effective tools used to silence free speech. But in his ignorance, ego, and lack of respect for anyone who doesn’t kowtow to him, Trump has lost his grip on the very tools that would have made him unstoppable.

If he is foolish enough to let them drop from his hands, then there is nothing keeping us from picking them up and turning them towards protecting free speech and the public good.

“Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right”.

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