Biohacking Is a Bitch

This is such a horribly bad and unethical thing he is doing.

This guy isn’t a vet!

It doesn’t look like this guy has any formal training beyond his own enthusiasm. And there isn’t any kind of ethical or scientific oversight over what he is doing.

His “experiments" could have already resulted in dozens of deformed, cancer-ridden pups and dogs and there wouldn’t be any way for anyone to know outside of checking his home incinerator.

Because at the end of the day, the only “standards" are his, the only oversight is no one, and the only ethics are whatever the hell he feels like.

This man is committing animal cruelty, only with a chemestry set instead of a hacksaw.

But for the dogs, the pain will be just as real as will the deformities.

He says that his first four attempts ended in miscarriages, as if that is just a little thing.

But take a wild guess as to what he used to carry those miscarriages.

That’s right! A living breathing dog. And I can tell you from experience that depending upon size and number, miscarriages can be very dangerous to a pregnant dog AND any live births in the litter.

Also the term “miscarriage” isn’t an exact scientific term when it comes to dogs! A miscarriage could be anything from an embryo that is lost in the first week to a “live" birth that is born writhing in pain and dies a few seconds after delivery.

So how long into development did these miscarrages occur?

How did they effect the mother and rest of the litter in terms of physical damage and recovery?

No one thought to ask him these things! Were there no pet owners in that audience of “bio hackers”?

What kills me is that people love dogs! They are our pets and companions. Yet when some amateur is potentially putting the dogs under his care at physical risk, we paint him as some kind of hero just because he’s doing it with a cobbled together garage genetics kit and “really wants to cure things”.

We shut down puppy mills, go after cruel dog breeder, and jail people who expose their pets to excessive risks, but when some dog breeder decides to start implanting his dogs with embryos, to bring to term, without any oversight, formal training or real understanding of the risk posed to the mother, we focus solely on how cool it is that he is doing it with “genetics" and just trust that he is engaging in science and not just butchery.

The dog breeding world is already massively sketchy. It’s made up primarily of individual, mostly unlicensed, breeders with little to no regulations.

Cruel conditions are very common and mostly go unreported. And when animal cruelty gets to the point of discovery, it is horrendous.

Yet all it takes for us to forget all that is for someone to come up with a “cool angle" on dog breeding.

Yesterday it was designer dogs that could fit into your purse.

Today it’s amateurs with garage “genetics” kits and no oversight.

In both cases it’s real live dogs that feel the pain and carry the health problems, while the people who are supposed to care about them are distracted by the latest most flashy type of animal cruelty.

Note: If anyone reading this works in the animal welfare division of the local police where this guys lives, for gods sake knock on his door and ask to do an inspection of the conditions his dogs are living under! And if there are any more dogs that he has implanted or plans to implant with embryos, come back with a vet every month to examine what condition they are in!

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