@@One more night !

The dream that I held for so long,
Was turning into fossil from our buried past,
I don’t see the shining light,
As It is one more night which I have to fight.

One more night, I have to start 
And live out the past where we meet again,
One more time, It’s the same similar night,
Where I only turn by, to feel that both sides have the darkest sight.
And no matter where I go OR up to what sight I could see,
I am seeking for a shining light.

May be we are far & I am blaming the sight,
But the darkness is high and causing the light to be my sight. 
And I am seeing no shining light.
Cause, It’s the same similar night, 
Which I have to fight.

Wondering why I see no light & why every time I choose to fight?
And I think, Is it really about the shining light or about finishing the night.
You should show me the sight,
Cause I will always be waiting for the light.

May be just to realize that there will be no light, until I stop to fight,
But question remains the same, Is it really about the light OR the fight.
Cause, It’s the same similar night.

Where the night is always dark & mornings filled up with sight.
May be asking some extra from my fortunes, which is covering the light,
And turning into the same similar night which I have to fight.